1. eClinReg is a suite of applications for management of disease / epidemiology registry operations. eClinReg provides functionalities to efficiently manage all processes in the most effective manner thus improving overall productivity of the registry. eClinReg is cost effective because it lowers cost of requirements for manpower to operate the Data Flow Process. eClinReg also expedites faster data reporting with shorter time lag between receipt of data and publication of registry report.
  2. Health Research Management System (HRMS) – Solution to help our client conduct health research and survey online quickly and efficiently.
    • National Healthcare and Establishment & Workforce survey (NHEWS)
    • National Medicines Use Survey (NMUS)
    • National Medical Care Survey (NMCS)
    • HPMRS this system is specifically designed and developed to measure and report on the performance of various healthcare services n Malaysia
  3. Healthcare Information Systems
    • CDMS Disease Management System (CDMS) – Chronic Disease Management System or CDMS is a web-based clinic system that provides the platform for the multi disciplinary group of care providers to share their input and communication that is important to ensure timeliness and effectiveness of information presentation for patient care and intervention of chronic diseases.
    • eMOSS – this is a web based renal transplant waiting list management system. The eMOSS is designed to facilitate the allocation of organ in the event of cadaver organ donation. The doctor in-charge of the dialysis patients who participate in e-MOSS is responsible for maintaining and updating their patients on the waiting list.
  4. Health Ethics Solutions
    • NMRR – National Medical Research Register (NMRR) is the web based tool designed to support the implementation of the National Institute of Health NIH guideline on the conduct of research in the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH); used by investigators, sponsors, project staff involved in research as well as secretariats and reviewers involved in approval of the researches.
  5. Clinical Trial Solutions – Altus Solutions understands that for the trial solutions to bring business value to our clients, they have to fit into the overall conduct of the clinical studies. So we are also offering the following trial applications and services so to meet our client needs
    • Applications – our scalable and flexible Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) helps you manage your trials with reduced operating costs while maintaining regulatory compliance.
      • ClinRandomize – this is a fully integrated Randomization system powered by robust Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Web Response (IWR) technologies. ClinRandomize provides you a 24×7, easy to use, rapidly deployed and secured randomization service. Why ClinRandomize?
        • High standard and crucial central randomization service in Malaysia. Eliminate selection bias and predictability of treatment assignment. Reduce phone call cost by using web randomization
        • Security features preventing prank randomization.
      • Clinical Trial Management System for clinical trial – this is an eCRF application for entry of clinical trial data, management of clinical trial work flow, documentations, queries, etc.
    • Services
      • Study Application Setup
        – Study application design, development, testing and Installation
      • Study Application Administration and Management
        – Application administration
        – Secure hosting environment
        – Scalable infrastructure of network, servers and storage
        – Backup and recovery
      • User Training
        Instructor-led training, onsite training and Train-the-Trainer
      • SOPs, Training, Documentations, Software/Hardware, Change control and etc
        – Investigator Site Support
        – 7 x 24 Helpdesk support
  6. Event Management System
    • For CTM Conference – event management system that caters for registration, payment gateway via Paypal, management and tracking of activities and payment relating to participant, sponsor, speakers, exhibitors, management of speaker evaluation, management of provision of conference materials post conference, etc